March 18, 2015

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Globe 2015 Footwear Collection

Thuro Shop is now carrying selected items from Globe's 2015 collection. Globe always gets the details right, and their new lineup is no exception. Under every Globe shoe's stylish exterior is a wealth of technical features to help you step your skate game up to the next level. View full article →

Thuro Skateboarding: Reflex Tool Back In Stock

This is the last skate tool you will ever need to buy! With 8 essential tools all in one place. The Reflex Utilitool was the first multi tool to include a axle rethreader, bearing pusher/puller as well as all the other sockets and fitting to put a board together or tuneup your current setup. View full article →
March 11, 2015

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New Fallen Footwear Now In Stock

We just got in a few new pieces of Fallen Footwear's Spring lineup. The Patriot III Black Ops, the newest colorway for the Slash Shoe, and Tommy Sandoval Signature Model, the Apache. We have sizes ranging from ens 7-12. Fallen Footwear is known for their incredible function, durability and style. View full article →

Bones Bearings Fully Restocked

We've refreshed our stock of Bones bearings, with the classic Reds, Swiss, Super Swiss, and our staff choice, the Bones Swiss Ceramics ready to ship. We also now have 2-packs of Bones Reds if you only need to replace the bearings in one wheel. View full article →
March 09, 2015

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Thuro Skateboarding: Silver Tools Back In Stock

The Silver Tool is without a doubt the most reliable skate multitool on the market. It features a forward and reverse ratchet, locking mechanism, slide-out screwdriver, allen key and removable file. View full article →
March 08, 2015

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Brolife 2 Video Now Online and at Thuro Shop

Thuro Shop staff members Paul Remy and Ryan Herron recently released their second full length skate video Brolife 2. The video features skaters from both Boston and Washington DC, and was filmed over the course of about 2 and a half years. View full article →
March 05, 2015

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Thuro Skateboarding: SKATE HEADS

These guys take creativity to a new level. Ever seen a moveable miniramp on train tracks? Neither had I. View full article →
February 24, 2015

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Thuro Skateboarding: Choosing The Right Deck Size

Interested in buying your first skateboard, but not quite sure what size to go for? We've got you covered with this size guide.


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February 22, 2015

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Thuro Skateboarding: Vulcanized or Cupsole?

As skateboarders, we're picky about shoes. We get particular about the shape, length, width, color, material, brand, and whose name is on them. But one factor that absolutely can't be compromised on is whether the shoes are vulcanized or cupsoles. View full article →
February 20, 2015

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Thuro Skateboarding: Creature X Scarecrowoven "SPIRIT ANIMALS II" Decks

Personally being a big fan of New York Based artist and illustrator Scarecrowoven we had to get his new series of decks from Creature. Now available at If you have seen the work of Scarecrowoven you would know his creative gory style fits in great with the dudes at Creature. View full article →