Globe 2015 Footwear Collection

Thuro Shop is now carrying selected items from Globe's 2015 collection. Globe always gets the details right, and their new lineup is no exception. Under every Globe shoe's stylish exterior is a wealth of technical features to help you step your skate game up to the next level.

The Hellaflex outsole is designed to provide natural flex which enhances responsiveness and board feel. Supplementing this is their S-Trac tread pattern, which helps distribute shock evenly and flex freely while still providing superior grip.

Many Globe shoes are constructed using a fusion welding process, eliminating the need for conventional stitching which weakens the shoe and can cause pressure points. Different components are bonded together at high temperatures, resulting in a shoe with very high structural integrity.

Globe was born in 1994 and has been a driving force behind innovation in skateboarding shoe technology ever since. Check out the new 2015 Mahalo Lowtop and Midtop, The Sabbath, and Abyss models at

Mahalo Black Snake Midtop
Mahalo Lowtop
The Sabbath

Henry OConnor
Henry OConnor