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Whether you are exploring the city streets or exercising on a park trail, these are the inline skates for you. This section includes inline skates perfect for beginners or those wanting a basic, comfortable skate set up for recreational skating as well as inline skates for the intermediate to experienced skater looking for a high performance inline skate to take their fitness and/or slalom skating to the next level. For those who like to do it all, this section also includes the latest models of city skates optimized for comfort and agility while navigating the streets without sacrificing speed, style, and performance.

  • Fitness: Lightweight, easy-to-use skates for getting in shape and having fun while you're at it.

  • City: Comfortable and able-to-keep-up-with-you skates for exploring your favorite city or the next one on your bucket list.

  • Slalom/Freestyle: Supportive and stylish skates for taking your cone-skating skills to the next level.

Already have a great skate set up you love? Or investing in a new one? Check out the following sections for skate maintenance, upgrades, and other useful inline skate products:

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