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For those who want to push their inline skating to the absolute limit; if your skate adventures take you off-road or onto the race track, these are the skates for you. The Nordic skates provide the ultimate off-roading skate experience, while the speed skates include some of the most light-weight and advanced inline set-ups available for training and skate competitions.

  • Speed: Lightweight, large-wheeled, supportive, and did we say lightweight? These are the skates for those who like to go extremely fast.
  • Nordic/Off-road: Beefy, Very-Large-Wheeled, Durable, and did we say Large-Wheeled? These are the skates for those who are just extreme in general.

Already have your ultimate skate set up? Or investing in one of these new ones? Check out the following sections for skate maintenance, upgrades, and other useful inline skate products: