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For those who technically throw caution to the wind and perform some of the most sophisticated tricks in the action sports scene. This section includes (arguably?) some of the most advanced inline skating equipment on the market. Park/Street skates come pre-assembled or you can build your own set-up from the Boot Only and Parts Sections.

  • (Skate)park: Keep things classic or switch it up; however you roll, we've got the durable, customizeable gear that may just help you land that trick you always wanted.
  • Street: Too much going on here to fit into a description. Let's just say the street skating game has changed. You don't want to miss out on these insane upgrades and set-ups.

Also, a little motivation from the One and the Only:

Already have your ultimate skate set up? Or investing in one of these new ones? Check out the following sections for skate maintenance, upgrades, and other useful inline skate products: