Dedicated to providing high-quality products to keep you shredding year round.
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Dedicated to providing high-quality products to keep you shredding year round.
Free shipping on site orders over $50
Questions? Call us (617) 501-6389
Visit Us: 362 Boylston Street Brookline, MA


New! High Performance House of Marley Speakers & Headphones

October 22, 2014

We just our first shipment of portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones from House of Marley. We dig the hi-fi sound and quality that these speakers provide as well as the company's commitment to sustainability by using earth-friendly materials including FSC certified wood and recycled aluminum. Last but not least House of Marley products support 1Love, the Marley family charity dedicated to youth, planet + peace. What's not to love? Shop our selection of speakers and headphones online or come in and demo them yourself!  Continue Reading →

New Brand! Indo Balance Boards for Fitness and Cross Training

October 21, 2014

Indo Boards are a fun, space-saving way to improve your balance, stability and overall posture while strengthening the core muscles involved in boardsports, team sports and fitness. They're a great tool for cross training, especially during the winter months when it's harder to practice outside. Check out our Indo Boards in store and online.      Here's a quick video of 50 maneuvers that you can do on an Indo Balance Board: Continue Reading →

Boston Skatepark Ground Breaking Ceremony Thursday October 23rd at 9:00AM

October 20, 2014

After over a decade of talk, countless general interest meetings and millions of dollars raised, the project stood stagnant and many thought this day would never come, "To your left you see the future site of the Boston skatepark opening in 2007" is joked about on public duck tours. Although there was enough money raised to build the park, the project finally gained momentum back in July when Vans footwear gifted $1.5M as well as money for upkeep to the CRC for future years. Thursday October 23rd marks the skatepark's ground breaking ceremony. Steve Van Doren from Vans will be there as well as elected officials and its happening rain or shine. Thuro is ecstatic for the Boston action sports... Continue Reading →

Thuro Rollerblading Street Team Update: Sascha Simms 2014

October 19, 2014

Sascha Simms has always been our homie and rips it. His skating is raw and wild yet executed with precision and control. This is how he skates in the streets. Off his skates he's heavily involved in the metal scene and tours with his band Barishi they are currently raising money to go on tour to SXSW 2015. Check out their GoFund me page and support their efforts. Continue Reading →

New Skate Trainer: Syck Trix Balance Board

October 18, 2014

Winter is coming... that means shorter days, crappy weather and less skating outside. Balance boards and skate trainers are a perfect winter activity because they let you practice and learn new tricks and stay in shape without having to leave your living room!The Syck Trix Balance Board is one of the best trainers that we have seen. The maple deck is made in the USA and features a custom foot pad for the top of the board. Bladders underneath the deck give extra pop when positioned correctly and will not only help improve your tricks but help with core training. Its also good rehab for ankle, foot, knee and hip injuries sustained from board sport accidents. Check out the Syck Trix as well as other... Continue Reading →

2015 Arbor Snowboards Now In Stock!

October 17, 2014

Arbor's brand new lineup of 2015 snowboards are now in stock. We love Arbor's products because of the company's dedication to creating high quality goods and their serious commitment to the environment. Although their longboards are widely popular, Arbor started off making snowboards when the brand launched in '95. Just like their longboards, their snowboards are made of sustainable materials and handcrafted to give you a superior design and performance. The Westmark even won a Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood Award for 2014. Check out the details below.     Continue Reading →


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