Brolife 2 Video Now Online and at Thuro Shop

If you like skateboarding and good times, then we have the video for you.

Thuro Shop staff members Paul Remy and Ryan Herron recently released their second full length skate video Brolife 2. The video features skaters from both Boston and Washington DC, and was filmed over the course of about 2 and a half years. 


What stands out the most about this video is the sheer number of different spots in it. In addition to bouncing between Boston and DC, the crew spent a few weeks driving through the southern part of the country all the way to Los Angeles, and they got some sick footage in over a dozen states. 

"The first Brolife video was kinda rushed and felt a little sloppy to us," says Paul. "We put significantly more time into the filming and editing of the second one, and we're really proud of the final product."

At the same time, Paul emphasizes that this video is in no way meant to be a masterpiece. "If you're looking for the next Plan B video, you're going to be disappointed," says Paul. "We really just made this thing for fun. Our only real goal was making sure we included as many of our friends as possible. Between full parts and homie sections, the video has over 70 people in it, so we think its safe to say we did that."


While the emphasis of the video is definitely having a good time on and off the board, there's some seriously impressive clips in there. These guys definitely understand what skating is all about.

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