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  • The PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool is designed to make installing and removing bearings in nylon-hub and no-hub wheels a cinch. Because this metal tool works by slightly bending the hub of the wheel during installation and removal, it is not recommended for use with metal- or aluminum-hubbed wheels.

  • Solid metal hand tool

  • Helps with installing and removing wheel bearings

  • Recommended for use with nylon-hub and no-hub wheels


Instructions for installation:

  1. Put wheel on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Place bearing onto the flange with the shield side down.
  3. Line up the bearing with the hub opening and press down firstly until the bearing is seating in place.

Instructions for removing:

  1. Place the tool flat against the bearing.
  2. While firmly grasping the wheel, start to gently rock the bearing tool in small circular motions.
  3. Use caution when prying bearings out as they may go flying!

The PowerDyne Bearing Hand Tool makes changing your bearings a breeze. The bearing shaped flange insures that the pressure is evenly dispersed so you don't have to worry about dented shields when installing or removing your bearings! 

For use with 8mm bearings only.  Recommended for wheels with nylon hubs.

"Customer Comments:  This is a shop quality tool. It is heavy 7" long, about 3/4" across at the handle. The picture does not do the tool justice. I was impressed when I opened the box. Easy to remove bearings and to press them in. I have extra large hands I was concerned if it would fit my hands and be easy to use. I stuggled with the little tools that come with skates. I break the tip off used to remove bearings and they are not a suitable tool to press bearings in with. This tool solves all my problems. I searched the web prior to ordering this and there is nothing available to match this tool. If Husky, Snap On or Park tools made skating tools it would be this item."
Glenn, MI


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