Bones Super Reds Bearings - 8 Pack of Skate Bearings

by: Bones

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REDS bearings have been so popular with skaters over the years that they decided to release their brand new SUPER version.  At first glance you might think that these are just the same old standard Bones Reds bearings that you have grown to love but that simply is not the case.

The Super Reds are a superior quality bearing that feature higher quality steel races, better grade balls and a superior surface finish.  This makes the Super Reds quieter, smoother and longer lasting when compared to the the Reds.

The Super Reds also have these features like the Reds:

Precision Ground Skate Bearings

Removeable High Speed Nylon Ball Cages

Removeable Non-Contact, Frictionless Rubber Shields

Lubricated With Low Viscosity Bones Speed Cream R.F.

"Fast, Long Lasting and Easy to Clean!"

*Authentic Bones Bearings straight from the Bones distribution center. Beware of fakes! 

Comes in a set of 8 (For 4 wheels)

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