Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Bearings Silver 16-Pack - Sale

by: Twincam

World Record Breaker! Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 Bearings, 

Specially designed for inline skaters, The Twincam ILQ-9 Pro bearings have an exclusive 6-ball design and SCRS shield system to prevent contaminates from entering the bearings. Long lasting, built with cutting edge components and lubricated with TK racing gel (made in USA) to make them extremely fast and smooth. These bearings are sold in a 16 Pack and come with 8 precision bearing spacers. Enough for 8 wheels. 

The very fastest inline bearings on the planet!

– The Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-9 bearings were used to set the inline speed Record – Gabe Holm's mark of 82.13 mph (132.19 km/h) set Sept. 16, 2017 at The Top Speed Challenge in Quebec, Canada. Skating into a hill without any motor assist. 

Rollerblade teamed up wtih TwinCam to offer the ILQ9 Pro Inline Skate Bearings on their own as seen here, as well as in some of their top performing skate packages. Rather than being shielded on both sides, one side is open for reduced weight and ease of service and lubrication. Great quality rollerblading bearings with the durablity of TwinCam. The ILQ9 rating is similar to that of ABEC, but specific to inline skating as designated by TwinCam.

  • Item# 06228500000
  • 16 Pack
  • Exclusive 6-Ball Design
  • Nylon Retainer with Self-Lubricate Material
  • Inner Ring with Exclusive Design "SCRS", Avoids Contaminates
  • Ultra Light Gel Lubricant for Better Protection of Balls & Retainer
  • Clearance Designed for Inline Racing
  • Less Lubrication Needed - Less Friction - More Speed

What's the difference between ILQ-9 Classic & ILQ-9 Pro?

ILQ-9 Classic bearings are closed on both sides with a metal shield. The shield sits in a L-shaped undercut and is held in place by a removable C-clip. The undercut helps to form a protective barrier that keeps libricants in and contamination out.

ILQ-9 Pro's are protected by a specially designed S-channel rubber shield. The SCRS presents an even more complex entry path for moisture and contamination. It is 95% effective at keeping the bearing clean. A nylon retainer on the inner face is shaped like a crown and is easy to remove and replace for servicing.

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