Moxi Vice Versa Universal Skate Tool - Multiple Colors - Sale

by: Moxi

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The Original Vice Versa Universal Skate Tool was designed to quick tightening on the go! Named after Long Beach Roller Derby's Vice Versa, this cute compact tool tightens the bolts on your wheels and fits conveniently on you key ring. Awesome for street skating, outdoor skating, or any skating adventure.


Outdoor skating can be a lot of fun, but loose wheels aren't. Vibrations from uneven surfaces can loosen up axle nuts unexpectedly and leave you far away from your gear bag. Rather than lug it around when you hit the street, this guy is compact enough to fit on your keys! The flat handle is easy to grip and the head to tighten your axle nuts!

  • 1/2" Wrench
  • Keychain attachment included

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