One Wheel Boston: The One Wheel Experience

"Onewheeling: Like floating on air, only better" Shuvom and Llalania Ghose came in for a One Wheel Demo  and loved "floating" so much that they bought two. It was great to find this video of them talking about their One Wheel experience: 

Full Link and Original Source: Manchester Ink Link

Shuvom and Llalania Ghose ready to demonstrate Onewheel for a curious gawker at the Hannaford parking lot. Photo/Carol Robidoux

The Onewheel weight about 25 pounds, so it’s not hard to carry when needed. Photo/Carol Robidoux

Safety first! Shuvom Ghose shows the scuffs on his wrist guards. Photo/Carol Robidoux. We recommend wrist guards and a helmet while One Wheeling. 

Its great to see new people getting into One Wheel Riding and we encourage all types of people to try. The One Wheel Boston FB group hosts rides throughout the city and is slowly growing in numbers. 

Andy Leitermann
Andy Leitermann