Onewheel+XR, GT, Pint X or PINT Demo Skate Tour

by: Onewheel

Take a OneWheel electric skateboard on a guided tour with a Thuro staff member!

During your OneWheel Demo you will learn proper techniques to ride on a variety of terrain. Roads, Sidewalks, Rotary's, Hills, Curves. we'll cover it all. This is the ideal way to get the full-on OneWheel experience. Pads and helmet required (rental safety gear available by request), 18 years and older, or parent or guardian accompaniment. (Waiver must be filled out. Prior long-boarding or snowboarding experience recommended but not required) Protective gear can be provided. Riding time is approx 60 mins. 

Already a Onewheel owner? Ride with us and we'll show you some new tricks and tips to improve your riding. 

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