Camp Skate IA (the three day event) is an annual camp offered to skaters and skate instructors. It is designed for the skater who is looking to improve certain skills and is interested in trying out a variety of types of skating: from basic to advanced moves and discipline specific such as hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, skate-to-ski, tricks, games and more. The schedule will take shape in June and be updated as traveling instructors confirm their schedules. It is subject to change.  We offer the camp on the east and west coasts, alternating each year. The Host Hotel is Camp Winadu, so it's bunk beds and cafeteria style food, but it's inexpensive, cozy, on a campus that offers us a pool, a lake, campfires and our own hockey rink.

CAMP SkateIA includes 18 hours of classes, an evening skate around the city, a beach skate and the Saturday night dance skate. We are confined with sound due to the open nature of the rink (no walls, but it has a roof) so the music will be much lower than we'd like. Bring your music to plug in.  We will be double and triple tracking classes offering about 35 classes in total A few classes will be offered off skates, and we are adding Skate-To-Ski classes again.

Become an instructor: For those skaters who are considering becoming an instructor, we offer our Certifications for the 2  & 1/3 days after camp including a Level 1, Level 2, Skate Park and Slalom Certifications. See the schedule below for dates and times.

Instructor Only Day! We have created a day just for all Certified Skate IA Instructors to learn, create, expand and enjoy a day of elevating your teaching. Thursday, August 15th, 10am to 4pm. Free to all Certified Skate IA Members.

You can pre-register for the camp here

CAMP Skate IA is open to all inline & quad skaters. While it started as a conference for instructors, it has grown into a great camp for everyone who skates. About 65% of the attendees are NOT instructors! 

Camp Skate IA is the only camp/workshop of it's kind in North America. Come to Skate CAMP to up your level, learn new moves/tricks/methods and basic techniques. You will also meet and skate with other skaters who share your passion. 

Skate CAMP runs Friday/Sat/Sun August 17/18/19. Classes include: basic fundamentals; dance; jam; slalom; artistic; skate park and more! 

NEW THIS YEAR: For SkateIA current members, INSTRUCTOR ONLY DAY which is free to any current member and occurs on Thursday, August 16th 

For those skaters who are interested in becoming instructors can take our Level 1, 2, Slalom or Skate Park certifications. For those who have completed their Level 1 Certification, you may take the Level 2 Certification. Dates are Sunday night Aug 19, all dayAug 20 and Aug 21. See web for hours. You will register for your certification on a separate registration page. Please indicate below which Cert you intend to take. 

The CAMP is located at Camp Winadu, Pittsfield, Mass and skaters may stay at CAMP Skate IA for $85 per night. This includes dinner, breakfast, lunch and a bed. If you have special dietary requirements, you may need to supplement. 

You may also stay at an area motel, you may be able to join us for meals for a fee. Town is ten minutes away. 
A passenger van will be available to pick up travelers once a day at the two local airports (Albany & Bradley International airports.) While we will attempt to accommodate everyone flying in, check with us first if you will require the shuttle. There are NO REFUNDS once you are registered. Event organizer is not responsible for weather, travel, and other challenges in attending event. Kids must be accompanied by a parent/guardian the entire time at CAMP. It is our 7th year, and it is life changing

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