USD Sway Sagona Allstar - Complete Skates

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Mantis Style! These skates are clean!

The USD Sway Sagona Allstar aggressive skates serve all the ninja style that Dominic Sagona famously brought into aggressive skating. In honor of the legend himself, these stylish and innovative skates are built for maximum performance in skate parks and streets.

Equipped with high-quality parts and all the right properties for fast, heavy, and aggressive inline skating, they meet all the expectations that their name evokes. Dominic Sagona’s signature skates are here!

  • Hard USD Sway boot - updated for improved control and performance
  • USD Kizer Fluid IV frames and newly designed soul plates let you slide and grind any ledge or rail
  • 45-degree straps keep your feet securely in place
  • Grind Rock anti-rocker setup with 60 mm 90A wheels and 45 mm grind wheels in the middle slots
  • Dual-size MYFIT liner
  • Smooth ABEC-9 bearings

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