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The USD Aeon 60 Aaron Feinberg Pro Skates are a celebratory skate for a legendary skater. It's USD's 25th anniversary so they are taking time to show appreciation for all of the skaters that have moved the sport. For Aaron Feinberg, the Aeons look clean in all white and their unibody design has already proven to be a hit!

The skates are very comfortable with MYFIT 2nd Skin dual-fit liners and hold a supportive fit with a cuff buckle and lacing. With less weight on your skate, the unibody design also gives you a lower center of gravity. The larger grooves for grinding make it easier to grind anywhere with a good amount of space between the flat wheel setup. The wheels are 61mm with 90A hardness, they have Aaron's USD Pro wheels and they spin fast on ABEC9 bearings from Wicked. 


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