Transformer Freestyle Triskate Inline Blade - Freestyle 3W Triskate Ice Blades V2

by: Transformer Ice Blades

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  • In the package: a pair of Transformer Inline Ice blades with a set of 16 Aluminum spacers for an increased durability and power transfer.

    The ice blades need to be sharpened prior to their use at your local ice skating pro-shop or purchased with our pre-sharpening service selected! In order to sharpen the blades, please bring them to the ice shop prior to mounting onto the frames!

Transformer Freestyle Triskate Inline Blade is a unique solution by Inline Ice Blades that allows converting your favorite 3-wheeled rollerblades into recreational Ice Skates in minutes and with a minimal investment. These ice blades can be mounted on majority of the 3-wheel inline frames that designed to accommodate 3×90 to 3x125mm setups including the ones by Powerslide, Flying Eagle, Rollerblade, and Seba.

These blades will work the best for a majority of the skaters and will provide a very similar feel on ice like you have on wheels. Freestyle Ice Blades will be perfect for the regular ice skating as well as for practicing Freestyle, Slalom, and Artistic skating skills while on the ice.

Please note: To verify if they will work for your skates, please take a look at the sizing drawing.

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