Them 2.0 Replacement Soul Plates - Sizes L Only - Sale

by: Them

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"Soul Plates 2.0 (with thickened the interior walls for longer lasting)

Modified mold with updated Bridge Soul Plate Hardware. For easier customization. (included)"

Size Small ; 7/8 US
Size Medium ; 9/10 US
Size Large ; 11/12 US

"Thicker Soul Plates longer lasting and longer sliding. Made out of Super Tough Nylon. Available in white or black." 

Note: If you are using the new 2.0 souls on the 1.0 (Summer Line) boots, the 2.0 hardware will only line up on the outside screws for SIZE SMALL. This issue will only occur on SIZE SMALL. You can of course drill holes into the boot to match up the 4 middle screws or use the 1.0 hardware. Installation on Size MED and LARGE (1.0 SUMMER LINE BOOTS) are fine. No drilling will be necessary. 
All 2.0 Fall Line Skates are fine to interchange with any 2.0 soul plate/ “Bridge" hardware without modification. If you want to pick up a new 2.0 Fall Boot. Please do so here

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