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The new TriX2 inline skates are designed for slalom, freestyle or urban skating and are a great mid-range boot for those that want better performance with a reasonable price. Those skates are very fast, responsive and durable. They feature a plastic shell, unique triangle plastic cuff and a built in liner. This combination is providing good support with optimal front and back motion, close fit and a great energy transfer. Recommended for intermediate to advanced skaters seeking a high level of precision and control for city skating. Can be easily fitted with a carbon or plastic cuff for an improved control. Perfect for Freeride, City Skating and Freestyle.

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  • REF: SSK-TRX280
  • COLOR: Black
  • SIZES: 35-48
  • OPTIONS: Trix Custom Color Kits
  • FRAMES: X2R Rockerable Frames 243mm 4x80 wheels
  • WHEELS: Street Kings 80mm/85A
  • PLATE: 7 Hole Energy Plate
  • LINERS: Integrated
  • USE: Freestyle, Fitness, City Skating, Grand Tourism


    This skate is born with Sebas X2R frame which offers a unique opportunity to ride with either a flat or a mild rockered setup. The flat setup provides stability at higher speeds, whereas the mild rockered setup offers good maneuverability and short turning radius - Often sought after by slalom riders.

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