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by: Seba

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Anti-rockers not included. 

The new Seba Team Frame that was featured on the CJ Wellsmore Pro Seba skate is now available for purchase.

The first difference that you will notice on the Seba Team Frame is a wider groove with a small h-block to fit a solid 60mm flat setup. These frames are available in 3 sizes to fit anyone's skate in proportion. Seba has also keyed their strong 8mm bolts in slots for greater ease when changing wheels and or bearings and a well thought out 2 way rockering system which means that you can adjust the height of the inner and outer wheels for an optimum flat or anti-rocker set up.

For a flat setup, the max wheel size is 60mm rockered down or max 60mm outer rockered up and 56mm rockered down.

These frames boast the best flat setup options available and all the latest innovations in frame technology in one strong, lightweight, slick frame.



  • Metal frame rockers, with multiple rockering options
  • Keyed bolts means you only need one allen wrench to change your wheels
  • Average weight per frame: 10 oz.
  • Small: sizes 5--7 (length = 10 7/8 in.)
  • Medium: sizes 8--10 (length = 11 1/4 in.)
  • Large: sizes 10--15 (length = 11 3/4 in.)
  • Sturdy 8mm axles
  • Sold in pairs with frame hardware and bearing spacers
  • (Mounting bolts sold separately / Use your existing bolts)

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