by: Seba

The Seba CJ Wellsmore Custom Kit including cuffs, soul plates and laces. to customize your set up and they fit on both the Seba CJ and SX Boots.  

The "Street kits" Includes Seba cuffs, soul plates, and laces - bring a fresh and unique look to your Seba CJ or SX skates. Abrasive pads are offered in the "freeride" kit (without soul plates) or sold separately. Please add those to your cart if you need any. 

*Please note the Seba CJ cuffs have a round hole for the cuff screw. Not the Big circle w/ notches. This is the FR Cuff. Slightly different but still compatible if you have the correct shell size. There's some variety between FR and CJ/SX cuff sizes. 

Custom color kits for SEBA CJ skates

(Small/ US4-7, EU 36-40), (Medium/ US 8-10, EU 41-43), (Large/ US 10.5, EU 44-47)

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