Seba Replacement Buckle Metal Top Buckle Set - Sale

by: Seba

Replacement set of metal top buckles with buckles, ladder straps, receiver, screws and mounting parts. Compatible with all SEBA models with cuffs.

The Seba FK Buckle Sets are the replacement top ankle memory locking buckles and straps for Seba FR skate boots. This is considered an upgrade to most FR boots as this is the more durable aluminum buckle clasp as found on the top end FR1 boots. This kit can be used to replace "too short" or "too long" straps on the indicated boot models below.

It is recommended to measure current straps and either order those that are closest to match, or bigger or smaller if unhappy with current strap length. 

  • Fits 2016 FR Boots
    • FR1 (all versions) / FR2 / FR3 / FRW / FRX
    • Uses standard buckle attachments with micro screws
    • Compatibility with other Seba boots or brands possible
  • Sizing: Below sizing is in relation to Seba 2016 FR boots only; using for other models or brands may differ.
    • EU Boot Size / Strap Length
      • EU 39 and smaller / 180mm
      • EU 40-43 / 200mm
      • EU 44 and larger / 220mm

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