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Brake support for: Twister, Spiritblade, Zetrablade, Geoblade. Includes longer brake axle and washers.

 Part Number: 09302600001

Brake mount replacement for most of the Rollerblade Twister models. There a handful of other older models this brake will also work for.

Compatible with Rollerblade Twister, Twister Edge, Twister X models.

  • Price is for One Brake Mount
    • Includes  8mm Brake Axle ; Spacers ; 762 Brake Pad
  • I#09302600001
  • Compatible with Most Rollerblade Twister Models ; Spiritblade
    • Not compatible with 2014 or 2015 Twister PRO model skates
    • Spiritblade, Spiritblade 2
    • Zetrablade (models released before 2014), Geoblade 1.5 & 1.3

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