Rollerblade Twister Edge X Skates 2020 - Size 9.5 Only - SALE

by: Rollerblade

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The Rollerblade Twister Edge X Skates 2020. The ultimate skate for adrenaline seekers and Xtreme skating. It has upgraded wheels (Hydrogen 80mm 85A), bearings (TwinCam ILQ9) and liners (Premium) over the standard Edge, making it Rollerblade's highest-end urban skate.  Break-in is required due to the thicker padding on the liner (removable), but they will mold and maintain a close fit to avoid any loss of energy within the boot. 

Anti-Torsion Boxes (frame mounting plates) are built into the base of the boot for synergistic connection that maximizes energy, efficiency and control. Heel shock absorbers and micro-adjustable buckles are just a few of the many features that make this RB's top-performing urban skate.  Compatible with Rollerblades 3WD Frames and there is a brake included in the box.  

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