Rollerblade Twister Edge Mens Skates 2020 Sale

by: Rollerblade

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The Rollerblade Twister Edge Mens Inline Skates 2020. The Edge has hard, edgy lines on a strong and sturdy exterior, with tricked out features everywhere.  Best suited for established urban freestyle skaters that will benefit most from its performance. The shell has no vent cutouts (small screen on bottom) to maintain rigidity and response (replaceable sliders).

Anti-Torsion aluminum frame mounting blocks are built into the base to create a synergy with boot and frame. This maximizes energy, efficiency and control.  High-Performance First Fit V-Cut Liners (removable) require some break-in time, but mold with skate time to remain snug so that no energy is lost within the shell or liner. The V-Cut on the shell allows for better range of motion when braking (included in box).  Strong extruded aluminum frames and Supreme 80mm 85A wheels (TwinCam ILQ7 Bearings) can handle stairs, slalom and just about anything else. 

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