Rollerblade Powerblade Jr - Black Gold - Size EU 38 (unisex skates) SALE

by: Rollerblade

Powerblade JR is the premium speed skate for kids who like racing, skating marathons and learning advanced skating techniques.

From the heat moldable boot for a custom fit to the versatile frames, young racers will not be disappointed. Speed skating is all about having the fastest skate possible and the key components are fit, frame, wheels and bearings. If they do not fit correctly, the skating technique is compromised.

Follow the simple instructions included with the skates and the heat molded skates will feel like the wheels and frames were mounted directy to the soles of the feet. Even though it is a kids skate, all aspects of the Powerblade JR have been carefully selected from Rollerblades decades of experience. The frame length is based on the length of the boot so the wheel base is at the best setting for optimal speed. In addition, both frames have extra mounting holes for a 3WD (3 very large wheel) set up.

Whether the skate has the 4x84mm or the 4x90mm set up, both can upgrade or convert to the 3x100mm set up which is the current trend in speed skating. Young racers can achieve faster speed, more efficiency, increased maneuverability, less vibration and better roll.

The Supreme wheels and Twincam bearings help push the skates performance to roll further and faster in the Powerblade JR. Brakes are not typically used with race skates given the nature of the sport.

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