Rollerblade MAXXUM EDGE 90 2020

by: Rollerblade

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Maxxum Edge 90 is a true hybrid skate that effectively blends speed, support and durability. Molded skates are popular among many skaters because they provide more lateral support, are fast like fitness skates and offer more speed than most urban skates. The Maxxum Edge 90 takes the durability and comfort of a molded boot and merges it with speed frames and wheels. The boot is also compatible with Rollerblade 3WD frames for those looking to enhance the skate experience. The result is a modernized skate with unmatched response, agility and protection. It is great for leisure skates, city skates and intense training. In fact, this model is very popular with Rollerblade's Skate to Ski program which educates athletes about the benefits of using inline skates during the off season. The quality and performance of the Maxxum Edge 90 is phenomenal and synthesized with a vented, supportive boot, strong frame and the highest quality wheels. The brake is in the box.

  • MOLDED SHELL is a durable, vented boot that envelops your foot to ensure support with breathability. The cuff has a V-cut shape which complements versatility and forward flex.
  • PREMIUM LINER incorporates breathable mesh and anatomical padding for a comfortable fit with ventilation. The shock absorber in the heel dampens vibration & two micro-adjustable buckles and lace closure system assures optimal fit.
  • EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME 280mm/11" is rigid, stable and has a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity with increased speed and maneuverability. It is also laterally adjustable.
  • ROLLERBLADE SUPREME 90mm/85A WHEELS maximize roll, grip, speed and wear. Twincam ILQ-7 Plus bearings makes the wheel spin faster.

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