Rollerblade Endurace Elite 110 - SALE

by: Rollerblade

An awesome 2 in 1 skate option in the Rollerblade Endurace Elite 110 Inline Skates. Yes, you did read that correct, this is a 2 in 1 skate meaning it comes as a high cuff skate for those looking for some added support and the cuff is removable making it a short cuff for when you want to do some hard core skating. These skates are equipped with a micro adjustable cuff buckle, 45 degree buckle and Speedlace closure system allowing you to get stability, security and balance so you get power with every movement. Think of the satisfying speed that you can get from the 110mm wheels with ILQ9-Pro bearings at the base of the aluminum Frame. Built with optimal efficiency in mind and designed for performance and speed, the Rollerblade Endurance Elite 110 Inline Skates dare you to reach your limits and then soar beyond them.

  • Removable Cuff for a 2 in 1 Skate Option
  • Hydrogen Wheels
  • Micro Adjustable Cuff Buckle, 45 Degree Buckle and Speedlace
  • Includes an Allen Key
  • Carbon Ventilated Shell


  • Skate Type:  Race  
  • Skate Cuff Height:  High  
  • Skate Closure System:  Speed Lace System  
  • Maximum Wheel Size 125mm  
  • Wheel Configuration:  110mm - 110mm - 110mm  
  • Wheel Durometer:  85A  
  • Bearing Grade:  High Performance  
  • Bearing Type:  ILQ 9  
  • Speed:  Fast  
  • Skate Frame Material:  Metal or Metal Alloy  
  • Frame Material:  Extruded Aluminum  
  • Lining Material:  Carbon Fiber  
  • Ventilation:  Medium

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