Rollerblade Black Green - 243 or 255 4x80mm Frames 2022 - Set of 2 - Sale

by: Rollerblade

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The 243mm frame with a 4x80mm is designed for efficiency and versatility.

The 243 extruded aluminum frame provides torsional rigidity and advanced maneuverability.

Hardware included: (8) racing axles, (4) mounting bolts and a 4mm Allen Key.

These frames are made of extruded aluminum, making them lightweight, durable, and great for power transfer. Perfect for urban and freestyle skating as they can take the heat from the streets while still letting you feel agile. They come with all of the mounting bolts that you need, 8 racing single-piece axles, and a 4mm allen key.

They are mounted with a standard 165mm and support 4x80mm wheels. 

165 Mount - Available in 2 Wheel Bases:
Size 2: 243mm - Better Maneuverability 
Size 3: 255mm - Better Stability 

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