Roces Piper Roller Quad Skate (Women's) Leopard - Super Sale

by: Roces

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Take a step into the past when you lace up the Roces Piper Roller Skate. They’re a classic design, with synthetic leather construction and traditional lacing combining to give you the appearance and feel of days gone by. But that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past, modern construction techniques elevate the experience for updated expectations. That’s why you’ve got lightweight aluminum trucks, holding four 58x32 wheels under each foot rolling on ABEC7 bearings. The result is a skate that reminds you of how good things used to be, while actually being much better than things ever actually were.


  • Old School Rollerskate style delivering the classic feel and performance
  • Softer 80a durometer rating makes wheels more grippy, improving control while also providing a smoother ride
  • Aluminum Trucks offer predictable turn performance while keeping weight down


  • Traditional lacing offers the ultimate in fit customization, with the added benefit of upper hooks that makes getting in our out quicker and easier
  • 58x32 wheels combine stability and traction with great acceleration and a smooth, predictable ride
  • ABEC7 Bearings offer smooth, low-drag roll for improved glide and easier acceleration
  • Synthetic leather construction for durability and performance
  • Self-locking axles ensure safety for confident skating

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