Roces M12 Lo Pro 70/30 Anniversary - Size 7, 8, 9, 10 or 12 Only - Super Sale

by: Roces

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The Roces M12 Lo Pro 70/30 Anniversary Skates are made in celebration of Roces 70th birthday and 30 years of making inline skates! In 1952 Roces began making hiking boots, so to pay homage they have made a hike-boot-esque aggressive skate. They are M12 Lo models so they have a slightly lower cut to the cuff to allow for more range of motion with the classic M12 boot in a nice leathery color. They even have hiking-boot lace hoops to match with red laces to fit the look with an aluminum memory buckle to secure the fit.  Only 700 of these have been made and each is numbered, so get them while you can!

They are eco-friendly boots are made from 47% cornstarch-based PU and the packaging is 99% plastic-free. The liner uses recycled padding and recycled lining.  Roces UFS frames (removable), Roces 58mm 88A Wheels (anti-rocker setup) and ABEC5 bearings

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