Razors SL Pro Nico Auroux - Complete Skates

by: Razors

The Razors SL Pro Nico Auroux Skates look great with a lightning bolt across the top of the liner and a wheel on wings adorned on the cuff. The SL models are very popular due to their lower design which allows you to have an easier sense of balance. They have a nicely shaped boot with a good amount of room and SL heel pads that absorb shock and vibrations from the road. The boots are fully customizable as well with replaceable cuffs, buckles, soul frames, backslide plates, and wheels, and frames. 

The buckles are made of aluminum and they sit high along with the cuff. The hockey-style laces have gold eyelets that match the lightning bolt above as well as the bullet in the Ground Control 64mm wheels below. The UFS-mounted Ground Control FLT3 frames hold an anti-rocker set up right out of the box and are ready for a great skate session.

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