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Powerslide Wind Pro Titanium Helmet - High-performance helmet for inline racing. Light, aerodynamic, great ventilation and airflow, removable visor
Sleek, stylish, strong, and ready to rule the race track, the POWERSLIDE WIND Pro Titanium helmet delivers safety and speed in one package. Designed to effortlessly cut through the air, the POWERSLIDE WIND Pro Titanium is worn by some of the best racers in the world and has helped countless champions reach the top of the podium. This high-performance helmet is breathable and keeps you cool even during long, grueling marathons than to the large vents strategically placed to promote airflow. The POWERSLIDE WIND Pro Titanium also has a removable visor that quickly and securely connects to the helmet with magnets, making it easy to switch between visors that are available in two different colors - black and iridium. Lightweight and size-adjustable, the WIND Pro Titanium makes it easy to find the perfect fit. This helmet conforms to European safety standards for bicycle helmets and can be used as a bike helmet.

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