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Powerslide Swell 100 Inline Skates - Glacier Lake 3D ADAPT. Revolutionary new 3D ADAPT (3DAP) padding technology from MYFIT allowed for changes in design to include integrated air vents and channels for breathability and additional cushioning at the ankle, tongue, and innersole.  Made from casted polyurethane, 3DAP molds perfectly around the feet for a level of control and comfort not felt before.  The seamless padding doesn't break down or lose function like traditional padding. Other updates include semi-clear and abrasion-resistant uppers and cuff spacers that allow for the cuffs to adjust up or down to skater preference. These amazing design features are built around the popular TRINITY 3-point mounting system. The winged mount under the ball of the foot creates a channel for the wheels to lower the center of gravity, add stability, and increase power transfer.

3x100 is quick to get up and down from speed, and has better agility than larger wheel versions. This makes them easier to skate and able to perform well when doing strenuous straigh-line cross-training, or when needing maneuverability to navigate curvy or tigher locations.. Elite Aluminum Frames, Swell 100mm 85A Wheels, and Wicked ABEC7 bearings. The frame length is short and agile but longer on larger sizes for the best skating experience.  HABS height adjustable brake included.

3D Adapt Padding
Replaced traditional stitching methods with multiple layers of foam padding, with casted polyurethane. Sections are instead constructed with different density PU's. A harder anatomically designed bottom shape for support, and a softer PU ankle and tongue padding for comfort. Doesn't break down like regular padding for better value and allowed for features such as integrated ventilation channels and built-in lacing.
Trinity X Mounting
The combination of the 'along' mounting block of the boot with the 'across' mounting slot of the frame. This allows for frame adjustment both laterally (7mm) and front to back (8mm) to individual preference and/or to correct ankles from wanting to roll (pronation/supination). Trinity frames mount at three points with two off-set winged mounts under the ball of the foot that creates a channel for the wheels to lower the skate, adding stability and power at push-off.
HABS Height Adjustable Brake System
An easy and secure brake that allows for the brake pad to adjust up and down to prolong the life of the rubber. A rear axle that is threaded at both ends allows for installation and removal of the brake with four outer screws that eliminate having to remove the axle or wheel.
3D Casted Frames
Perfectly shaped around the wheels to optimize the space. 3D construction enhances stiffness and power transfer to offer characteristics similar to those found in CNC machined frames.

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