Powerslide Pitch and Stride Control Frame Alignment Risers - 4 Pack

by: Powerslide

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Powerslide Pitch Control Frame Alignment Risers: 
For adjusting the height between your boot and frame. 


Pitch Control allows you to lean more forward for fast action or lean more backward for long distance.  The pitch control wedge can also be used to add approximately 2mm in height between the frame and boot.  This is a possible solution to add clearance if a large wheel is touching the bottom of your boot.

A set consists of 4 Pitch Control (either along or across) 

Powerslide Stride Control Frame Alignment Risers: 
One of the most common technical problems for skaters of all levels of racing is the ability to balance over the top fo their skates. No matter how many hours of technique drills are done, the problem still occurs. 

Powerslide’s stride control system helps correct your biomechanics. These small plastic adaptors are compatible with all Powerslide racing frames and fit between the boot and the frame.

The Stride Control allows the perfect angle between the frame and the boot for a perfect and prolonged thrust. These washers or wedges allow you to adjust the skates according to your needs. 

It also allows you to correct postures and trims so as to externally or internally raise the frame shoe inclination to optimize skating.

Just disassemble the frame and insert the tapered sideburns depending on the fixing screws of the frame.

The Powerslide Frames are provided with holes to hold them firmly in place through the teeth they are provided with, the same can be filed away to be able to adapt them to frames of other brands.

The plastic chips are placed between the guides and the boots and are ideal for balancing and adjusting the imbalances. One Set includes 4 pieces.

Powerslide Frames Pitch Control Set for Speed Skating frames (Along or Across) Powerslide Stride Control Set... 
Order all 3 types for frame adjustments and customization. 


Powerslide Pitch Control Inserts are small little plastic blocks which can be either placed under your heel or under the ball of foot. The block has little pins which perfectly match with Powerslide frames to stop the pins slipping.  If you want to avoid shin problems or a little more heel lift to help with forward lean, you can simply place Pitch Control under your heel.

Powerslide Stride Control Inserts are small little plastic wedge which can be placed under the heel and bale of your skates. The wedges can compensate for physical deformation like pronation or supination (rolling of ankles) which can cause discomfort and pressure points in your skates. The wedges correct your position on your skates and improve comfort for better performance and more fun on skates. They have little pins which perfectly match with Powerslide frames to stop the pins slipping. 

If not having Powerslide frames,  just grind off the little pins and then just place the block between boot and frame. 

  • Price is for 4 Inserts - Enough for One Pair of Skates
  • Installation:
    • Inserts have little pins that match perfectly with Powerslide Frames.
    • If not having Powerslide frames, you can grind pins so they can rest between boots and frame.
      • Make sure insert doesn't move when tightening
    • Not meant to be stacked.
  • Stride:
    • Raised on one end to tilt frame inside or out depending on your need.
    • Corrects pronation or supination (ankle rolling)
    • Place thick side on the side of frame ankle wants to roll toward.
  • Pitch: 
    • Flat risers to place in front or in back to pitch forward or back.
    • Helps to force weight more over balls of feet, or back toward heel.

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