Powerslide Off Road Frame - Trinity Mount - Renegade 125 Frames Only

by: Powerslide

The Powerslide Renegade 125 frameset is a strong and durable TRINITY frame with perfect CNC machining with laser print.

The Powerslide Renegade 125 frameset feels home on and off road. Its 3x125mm setup is made for unparalleled skating fun. The strong, aluminum extruded and CNC machined frame is very reactive and easy to handle. Thanks to the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting technology, this frameset offers great stability, control,and power transfer.

This lightweight and very agile 3x125mm setup is perfectly suited for BMX trails and big air sessions in the dirt park. But also fitness enthusiasts can enjoy this great setup by some intense full-body skating workouts to add variety to their training routine.

Use this frame set with Powerslide 125mm Off-Road Wheels, Road Runner Wheels. or normal 125mm Inline wheels (with frame spacer modification - you would have to add spacers on either side of the wheels to fit normal wheels) It is a solid frame. 

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