Powerslide Nordic CST Pro Air Tires 150mm - Kaze SUV Replacement Wheels

by: Powerslide

Powerslide Nordic Air Tires are used on Nordic frames and are not compatible with standard inline frames (they are too wide, they won't fit, don't try it!). Designed to transition seamlessly from road to trail to take you places you never knew skates could go!

Note: Due to stem location, an air compressor is recommended to inflate tires.

  • Price is for one tire
  • Size: 150mm
  • Type: All-Terrain
  • PSI Rating: 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)

Replacement Wheels for the Powerslide Kaze SUV Off-Road Skates!

Wheels: CST air tire, 6 1/4 / 150mm

Special feature: car valve; max. 6,3bar / 90psi

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