POWERSLIDE Outback Trinity 3 x150mm Frameset

by: Powerslide

POWERSLIDE Outback Trinity 3 x150mm Frame

Are you looking for new challenges? Switching to another discipline has never been easier. TRINITY is not only the best mounting system for inline skates, it is also compatible with all shoe models. 

With a single Powerslide TRINITY Skate, you can try a variety of sports at any time. Simply change rail and you have all options open? fitness, speed, urban, off-road, inline hockey or ice? TRINITY offers a huge selection of rails for all tastes and budgets.

The POWERSLIDE Outback Trinity 3 x150 mm Frame Set is probably the most powerful SUV model in the collection. Designed for extreme downhill runs or BMX trails. You do not have to be an adrenaline junkie to skate the Outback track. It is also ideal for endurance training. Grab a few sticks and power up your body once. TRINITY rails can be moved under the skate in all directions. The so-called X-Slot system allows you to adjust shoe and rail perfectly to your needs. This extremely robust track with its 3-point mounting system is perfect for SUV skating.
In addition to their superior power transmission, agility and the large 150mm tires, the Outback rail is characterized by its low center of gravity, which provides excellent balance, stability and control.

Rail: 12.9 "PS Outback 3x150mm Trinity; aluminum

Wheels: V-Mart pneumatic tire 150mm

Ball Bearing: Wicked SUS stainless; 608

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