Powerslide Nexus Trinity Frame 3x90 Complete Ready to Roll frame set w wheels bearings - Sale

by: Powerslide

The Powerslide Trinity frame is a high-quality frame by Powerslide. It is made of a very strong double voided extrusion. The extra bars, which are placed in the lower part of the frame right between the wheels, strengthen the overall construction of the frame. The power triangle formed by the three mounting points and the low frame construction magnify the benefits.

Trinity is a new patented asymmetrical 3-point mounting system for all types of inline skates. This has been achieved by shifting the two front mounting points to the outside of the frame forming a channel for the wheels. With wheels getting bigger the skate became higher and therefore unstable. The Trinity mounting now allows us to reduce the center of gravity of the skate drastically by about 6-10mm compared to common skates with a standard mounting system in the same wheel size.

Benefits of the Trinity concept are:


  •  Lowest possible center of gravity
  •  Amazing power transfer and push
  •  Faster and better acceleration
  •  More balance and control 
  •  More sensitive and easier to control the boot
  •  Easier control of edges
  •  More control and power for slides
  •  Great for jumps and gaps
  •  Fatigue Control - significant reduction of vibration

Trinity is a new milestone in skating providing an unmatched and all new skating experience!

Product Details:

  • Material: AL 6061 T6 Heat Treated
  • Mount: Trinity
  • X-Slot Mounting
  • Single axles with Torx head M7

The Powerslide Nexus Frames are a more affordable option than the Katana, but still made from 6061 grade aluminum. Construction and wheel configurations are similar, but they are not rockerable. Strong double voided extrustion and extra bars between the wheels for rigidity and response. Compatible with any Powerslide trinity boot.

  • Price is for a Pair of Frames

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