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Powerslide Nexus rocker TRINITY 3x90mm frames have been especially developed to take freestyle skating to the next level.

Starting from scratch the Powerslide freestyle team has spend endless hours of testing different prototypes until we finally came up with our revolutionary freestyle Triskate frame collection.

Nexus frames follow exactly the same construction as Katana frames yet in a sleek design.

It was set in stone that freestyle skates need to have 4 wheels, but we proved it wrong.

Three bigger wheels give the skater more speed during his run and enable the skate to keep the speed easier.

The little extra height over the ground makes it easier to perform certain tricks like „Christie´s“ and other tricks.

With our unique axles the skater now has a lot of options to rocker his skates.

He can just rocker the center wheel, the center and the rear wheel in combination and he is even able to rocker the left and right skate differently matching his preferences.

The three point mounting improves the balance, control, reactivity and power transfer which are essential for a good freestyle performance.

With TRINITY you can discover other skate disciplines due to the compatibility of the mounting system among all frames offered by Powerslide.

It´s undeniable that Powerslide has been the driving force of urban skating in the past few years.

Not only we have been the first company offering carbon freeskates back in the days, we also redefined the freeskating market starting the 3 wheel revolution and we pushed the limits of what can be done in freeskating with 3 wheels.

Back in 2015 there wasn´t a single 3 wheel urban skate on the market when we released the Imperial Megacruiser featuring a 3x125mm wheel setup.

The three big wheels and the eye catching neon yellow color of the Imperial Megacruiser skate turned it into our most iconic Triskate and a true trendsetter for most, this was the model that started the 3-wheels revolution.

We changed the rules of urban skating for good, and that was only the start.

The next step in the Triskate evolution was the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system.

With the introduction of TRINITY our Triskates became lower, more stable and stronger, providing a better power transfer and allowing for real hardcore urban skating, downhill, skatecross, gaps and slides.

Thanks to the TRINITY 3-point mounting now Triskates are suited for all sorts of skating, being lower, more agile, responsive and stronger than skates with 4 small wheels and regular 2-point mounting system.


first high performance TRINITY 3-wheel freestyle frame in the market.

option to rocker the center AND rear wheel or just one of them.

TRINITY mounting for improved  stability, better power transfer and reduced vibration.


Technology Icons:AL 6061, CNC Machining, Rocker Frame, Double Voided, Trinity, Triskate Frame.

Frame Mounting Standard:TRINITY 3-point.

Frame Material:AL 6061 aircraft.

Frame Manufacturing Process:extruded and CNC machined.

Frame Wheel Base (Inch/MM):8,5´´/215mm.


Wheel Size:90mm.

Frame Axles:single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25 + rocker double steel axle 8mm, torx.

Included Accesssories:mounting screws, tool - torx T25.

Plate Manufacturing Process:extruded and CNC machining.

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