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GT Highkick Footpad, GT Love Hump Footpad

High Kick
The GT High Kick Footpad has your back! Back foot specifically… It’s got maximum tail kick to give you a strong reference with that back foot for optimal leverage while your ride. For extra control and that ‘locked in’ feeling, you can’t beat the Onewheel GT High Kick Footpad.

Love Hump
The GT Love Hump Footpad is a game changer! This back Footpad is the premier off-road and long-distance Onewheel Footpad. Designed with a midsole arch to offer supreme comfort and control, one of these under your back foot will change the way you ride, giving you more control on toe and heel-side carves. Step up your game and change your life with the Love Hump Footpad.

What is in the box

1x GT rear footpad, Installation tool and screws

Questions and Answers

  • Q: What is the difference between a GT Footpad, a GT Lovehump Footpad and a GT High Kick Footpad?
  • A: All GT Footpads come with concave front and rear pads and gritty griptape for optimal control. The GT Lovehump Footpad offers a rear pad with an ergonomic hump perfectly supporting the arch of your foot providing extra comfort and control on deep carves. The GT High Kick offers a rear pad with maximum tail kick for riders who like a strong reference and extra leverage.
  • Q: Is the GT Love Hump Footpad a back Footpad, front Footpad or both Footpads?
  • A: The GT Love Hump is a back Footpad.
  • Q: Do the Footpads come with all the tools necessary to install?
  • A: Yes! The GT Footpads will come with all the screws you need and an allen wrench for installation.

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