Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro XX-Firm 90mm Wheels- White/Blue (8-Pack) Hydrogen Pro 90 - SALE

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Hydrogen Pro 90mm XX-Firm wheels are designed for track racing. Made in the USA with an exclusive dual-pour urethane formula, the outer ring enhances wear while the inner ring improves mechanical grip. The disc-shaped cores enable higher rebound, better flex on corners and more straight speed. XX-Firm provides the extra speed required for athletic competitions.
• ELITE PERFORMANCE - Hydrogen Pro 90mm/88A wheels in XX-Firm for added speed and excellent wear
• EXCLUSIVE DUAL POUR FORMULA - Inner ring is softer for flex, outer ring is firmer for speed
• ULTIMATE MARATHON WHEEL - 12-spoked core vibration absorption and control
• MAXIMUM GRIP AND WEAR - Proprietary urethane formula and inner T-ring design
• MADE IN THE USA - bearings and spacers not included

  • XX-Firm = 88A / F0
    Choose the XX-Firm for marathons and longer road races



Get consistent performance with the Rollerblade Hydrogen Pro Inline Skate Wheels. These wheels provide skaters with consistent, top-end performance and gives skates the extra speed needed for all athletic competitions. They are built with MTech technology that is comprised of two layers of urethane that provides the ultimate footprint for grip, rebound, roll and wear.

  • Sold as 8 Pack
  • Premium Dual Formula Urethane
  • Soft Resilient Inner PU Band
  • Durable PU Outer Layer
  • Fortified Spoked Core
  • MPC Patented MTech Technology
  • Model number: 066190009C2

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