Matter Propel Lethal Indoor Track Single Wheels 100, 110, 125 - BFCM Sale

by: Matter

Gain an advantage over your competition with new Oblique (OBL) Technology from Matter. The off-set core designed specifically for left turn track racing. The off-set creates a stiffer "Force Side" on the inside of the wheel that works with outer "Flex Side" to create a stable, fast and comfortable roll. The Matter Propel Lethal uses the Race urethane compound.

To experience the full benefit, wheels are to be installed with the 'Flex Side' facing the outside of the track on both skates. 

  • Price is for a Single Wheel
  • Type: Speed (Track)
  • Hub: OBL (Oblique) Off-Set Core
  • Hardness: See 'Footprint' in SPECS tab for more info on F ratings
    • 89A (F2)
    • 91A (F1)

Sold as a Single Wheel. 

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