Landyachtz Tony Danza Vibes Complete

by: Landyachtz

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The symmetrical shape, kick tails, and soft feel all contribute to the incredible versatility of this board, it’s a real multi-tasker. A favourite of team riders like Carla Javier-Brea, this board opens up a lot of technical possibilities due to its light weight and compact size. With freestyle and longboard dancing at the forefront of this boards design, you can take it anywhere, any time. Great for beginners because of its stability and great for expert riders for its versatility, it truly is an incredible ride that everyone and anyone can enjoy. 

The vibes graphic is the perfect addition to the Tony Danza. Thanks to artist Jessa Gilbert, we are extremely excited to see this one out in the wild getting ridden hard. The 155mm, 50-degree Gen 6 reverse kingpin trucks are incredibly nimble. At 39.9″ long by 8.5″ wide, the Tony Danza uses a 7 ply Canadian Maple construction to give a nice medium flex. The Tony Danza rolls on 63mm, 78a Fatty Hawgs for a smooth and comfy ride. The Stratus is the longer and wider version of the Tony Danza.  Look forward to having a blast and developing your skills on board.

Length: 39.9"
Width: 8.5"
Wheelbase: 22.75"

Artist: Jessa Gilbert

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