Landyachtz ATV Perfecto Pug Complete

by: Landyachtz

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We thought the ATV Perfecto couldn’t get any better, until our old pug friend made an appearance on this 2023 model. We gave it this galactically stylish graphic and found a new level of perfection. The ATV Perfecto is a 32″ long street shape that is 9″ wide at the front and has a smooth taper that narrows slightly towards the rear, giving it a more directional feel. As such, it is a blast to cruise on as well as being super capable on transition or street. This board is pressed with 7 plies of high quality Canadian maple for a feeling that will give you lots of confidence over rough terrain and provide great pop & strength. The ATV Perfecto uses Polar Bear 155mm traditional kingpin trucks for the ideal blend of stability and maneuverability. 60mm Lil EZ’s provide a smooth ride for commutes and fantastic maneuverability. This board will surely break the speed record for fastest pug!

The ATV Perfecto has a tapered shape and proven construction providing you a functional skate deck ideal for streets, bowls and parks. The wider nose gives your front foot more leverage over the trucks, creating a more turny directional shape, ideal for navigating tight sidewalks and carving streets.  

Length: 32"
Width: 9.028"
Wheelbase: 14.375"

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