The Kizer Fluid is Kizer's longest running frame and now available in an clear ice blue colour, as seen on the new USD Carbon Franky Morales Skates.  Its continuous success is credited to its simple design, solid yet lightweight construction and its speed and consistency on the grind. 

The Fluid 4 is the only frame designed to enhance all the benefits of Anti-Rocker skating thanks to precision testing with various Anti-Rocker wheels and groove shapes. The groove has also been made a little shallower thanks to rider feedback. So here you have it, Kizer's most successful and legendary frame is now more advanced than ever before.

The Kizer Fluid 4 is just as solid as the Fluid 3 yet appears to be slightly lighter. The grindwalls have finally been bevelled out of the box so the thick frame walls do not touch the ground when turning sharply and the groove is really nice and wide just as Kizer describes. If you are a diehard anti-rocker fan, do yourself a favour and check these out!
Item Number: 800044