Kizer Flux Trinity Frames - Sale

by: Kizer

Powerslide Flux 2 in 1 Frames (pair). Flux is the first TRINITY mounted frame from Kizer. The Kizer Flux is a multifunctional frame for urban and aggressive skating that allows you to skate either 4x90 or 3x100 with triangle spacers to rocker wheel height or change length of the wheel base, putting you as low as possible to the ground. The Kizer Flux frame is made of tough nylon material with front and rear wings that make soul slides and stalls easy. It features also a heel fin for soul grinds. Flux is compatible with any trinity mount boot from Powerslide. No brake compatibility. The Kizer Flux is yet another masterpiece and shows Kizer advanced thinking. Now combining the best of all, Triskates, TRINITY and 4 wheels, Kizer Flux connects aggressive and urban skating at its best. Tough and ready to slide and grind out of the box, the Kizer Flux will guarantee endless fun

Item Number: 800317

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