ILQ9 Pro Twincam Bearings (16pk)

by: Seba

ILQ-9 Pro's go beyond ABEC rating in terms of performance, durability, design, and materials. Since ABEC only measures precision tolerance, ABEC-7 bearings can be made out of inferior steel as long as they are accurate enough. The all-new 6-ball ILQ-9 Pro has only one standard: the best. ILQ-9 Pro bearings considers precision tolerance plus other variables like design features, lubrication, and quality of materials. These bearings provide less friction and smoother rolling.

The ILQ9 slalom Pro bearings are the perfect bearings for freestyle slalom and/or speed skating. You can reach the highest speed in speed skating, and have no limit while performing your best!

ILQ-9 Pro's are protected by a specially designed S-channel rubber shield. The SCRS presents an even more complex entry path for moisture and contamination. It is 95% effective at keeping the bearing clean. A nylon retainer on the inner face is shaped like a crown and is easy to remove and replace for servicing.

  • Sold in packs of 16 pieces
  • Exclusive 6 ball design in-line bearing.
    Exclusive design 6 ball nylon retainer with self-lubricate material.
  • Inner ring with exclusive design "SCRS", more avoid contamination.
  • Ultra Light Gel better protection inside balls and retainer.
  • Clearance designed for in-line racing.


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