Ground Control GC HD2(.2) 72mm Aluminum Frames Aluminum Aggressive Frames - New Edition 2022

by: Ground Control

Ground Control HD2 Aluminum Frames in 60mm & 72mm sizes are an reinforced version of the original. The HD2 frame walls are thicker and stiffer - increasing overall strength and allowing for full energy transfer, equaling more speed at the park and in the street. Countersunk axle holes help protect steel axle bolts from wear. Interchangeable plastic & aluminum h-blocks offer options for all kinds of obstacles. H-blocks are compatible with 60mm HD2, 72mm HD2, and FLT4 frames.

60mm HD Frame - 45.5mm frame height / 41mm frame width / 114mm middle wheel split


  • S=247mm
  • M=257mm
  • L=270mm
  • XL=283mm

    * Length refers to the wheelbase - the length from the center of the first axle to the fourth.

    Anodized Black comes with silver aluminum block and white plastic block. Silver comes with black aluminum and black plastic block. Each pair includes 8 steel axles with 8 - 8mm bearing spacers. Hblocks and axles are also available separately.

Black:S, Black:M, Black:L, Black:XL, Silver:S, Silver:M, Silver:L, Silver:XL, 

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