FR- Spin Complete Skates - Black - Super Sale

by: FR

FR Skates FR Spin Skates. The Spin targets elite-level skaters performing freestyle slalom tricks, but it can also serve as a high-end urban skate. Wherever you choose to skate them, carbon shells and rockerable frames make them light, responsive and sensational. This is a high-end model with integrated liners designed to fit snug for optimal response. 

The Spin has 4x76mm 231mm (EU35-40) or 4x80mm 243mm (EU41-45) wheels and frames. The boots allow for 5 different mounting positions to adjust both laterally or front to back. The R2 frame is rockerable (rockerable axles in 1 and 4 positions) and stacked with Downtown Wheels (85A) and FR TwinCam MW9 Titalium Freeride Bearings. Brake not included.

Sizing Chart

Not true to size. Use foot measurement to determine size.
High performance skate designed to be stiff and snug for optimal response.

FR Skate Size CM EU
6.0 24.5 38
7.0 25.5 39
7.5 26.0 40
8.0 26.5 41
9.0 27.0 42
10.0 27.5 43
10.5 28.0 44
11.0 28.5 45

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